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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knocked Down Hunk Gallery

Welcome to the Hunk Gallery! You are about to set your eyes on some very special, sexy fathers of knocked-down offspring (stillborn, miscarried, blighted, or other).

for your favorite on the right-hand side of this blog. A new voting poll will be set every few months, at which point a winner for the most recent gallery will be declared and a new voting session will begin. Check the "days left to vote" on the poll to see when the next winner will be announced. SUBMIT YOUR HUNK PHOTO for the next KuKd Hunk Gallery. Send a picture & caption to You are welcome to submit your same hunk to multiple contests, as long as it's a different photo. Next deadline:

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2009.

June 15th-Aug. 15th, 2009

"This is my Knocked Down Daddy. A quite soul who loves his 2 little girls and remembers his only son with a smile. He has so much patience and looks after his lil babes while is wife is out for hours each night writing names at the beach."

"Three tours of Iraq, a degree in theater, a fabulous, garlic-and-cheese-loving chef... need I go on? Whether it's jumping out of an airplane or holding his sobbing wife's hand during a series of ill-fated ob/gyn visits, this knocked-down daddy is ready to handle anything. He'll be a great LIVE-baby daddy someday... but if that doesn't work out he says the only thing that matters is spending his life with me. They don't come much hunkier than this one."

"This is the most sensitive, supportive, optimistic and sexy man I have ever met. Here he is after a moonlit skinny dip in Mexico where we went to recover from the hardest year of our lives - knocked down from miscarriage after 2 years of dealing with infertility treatments. Three weeks in Mexico with this KD hunk is definitely as close to a miraculous cure as is possible!"

"This particular KuKd Dad has been knocked down 6 times yet still has a positive outlook as we are currently over halfway there with our 7th. No kids to spoil, but our doggie sure has him wrapped around her little paw that's for sure!"

"If my Sleepyhead couldn't win round one, here he is again, at a service station in Europe in 2006. This was two years pre-babyloss. Cuteness didn't serve us well in round one, so I'll go for good old fashioned humour for round two. My Knocked Down Hunk is (was)
always up for a laugh."

"What's the recipe for sexiness? Take one hot Irish KuKd hunk in a Hanes t-shirt, add one gooey s'more oozing with milk chocolate and marshmallows, and stare."

"He only wishes he could compete with our Knocked-Down Daddy-O's. But he knows he can't, so he drinks away his sorrows with a chilled bottle and a touch of hair product."


Gallery #1 First Place Champion Hunk:


"My guy builds a mighty cute snowman,our dogs adore him (I'm also a fan). Can we vote him hunkiest knocked-down-hunk? YES WE CAN!"


Runners Up:




Honorable Mention

"Sun God"


"The Listener"


"The Rock"

"Mr. Smiles"

"The Prankster"


Cara said...

Mon - this is just too much!! I am LOVING this contest. Is it bad to say that I might not vote for my hunk??? And after that post I just wrote...*sigh* - hard choosing!!

mrsmoore08 said...

My vote didn't work... it just sent me to the next page... sigh

Monica LeMoine said...

Yikes! Give it another try - that's not good! I just tried a vote myself and it worked...I'll try to get to the bottom of it.

Brenna said...

I'm not sure how to vote either, but I'm loving the selection! :)

Brenna said...

It works, it works! Yay for Knocked-Down Hunkiness. Exactly the distraction I needed today...

Kristen said...

Am I the only one that thinks they should all win? I mean, with all they've been through supporting their ought-to-be-baby-mamas, shouldn't being on this site deem them all winners?

Or am I just too serious/sensitive today?

Monica LeMoine said...

Dude! OK, it turns out: I cannot edit the poll because "somebody has already voted" (stupid blogger!!), so we're stuck with the one-vote-only rule. If you simply MUST give a vote out to every one of these well-deserving hunks of hunk, you'll need to find a creative way to do that. Bribe your neighbor, maybe.

cori said...

nice selection indeed! ermmmmm... i didn't realize we were supposed to get said KuKd-daddy's permission prior to posting... whoops!

*~*Lis*~* said...

My DH loves his code name :) And I'm so excited to see he already had a vote before mine!!

Hope's Mama said...

Best my husband NEVER sees this. Too funny.

sharonvw said...

Aaaah Mon!! I forgot the deadline and forgot to send you a pic of my Knocked Down Daddy!!! :-( He would have won for sure! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this blog but voted for Mr Sleepyhead..who ever he belongs to..shes very lucky..cute indeed!


Monica LeMoine said...

Shaz, it's not too late - get me your pic!

Monica LeMoine said...

I love my hunk, but I wouldn't mind jumping into that bed with Mister Sleepyhead.

Hope's Mama said...

Hey hands off ladies, Mr Sleepyhead is mine, all mine!!!!


Fireflyforever said...

All I have to say is YUM :)

Rebecca said...

Yow-za!!! There are some seriously hot guys in this round!!! I'm voting for mine since he's still the hottest man alive, but I have to say (although never within earshot of my hottie), there are some who are giving him a run even for my money!

sharonvw said...

Ok Mon, I finally got my ass in gear & sent you a pic of my Knocked Down hunk for the next installment!

Katie said...

When are the new hunks going up sweet cheek?!?! ;)

KuKd Chick said...

I know you're dying for that. We don't have enough hunks yet - will put out another plea for hunkage soon!