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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally, Some Answers!

Holy Smokes, Strong KuKd Mommas! Get this: I have discovered the most profoundly stirring words of wisdom EVER on the subject of pregnancy loss on

The brilliant question: "Why does God allow miscarriage?"

Answers from the Moderator and other helpful contributors, including someone named "Lovable Linda:"

"We live in a fallen world."(Gosh, why didn't I think of that!)

"God is showing me that He is in control."(God, you might want to brush up on your employee management skills. There are better ways to maintain a productive workplace.)

"A miscarriage is not even remotely close to choosing an abortion. A child that dies of heart disease is not the same as a mother that drowns her children in a bathtub." (Um, okay. I'm not sure how that relates to the topic at hand, but I appreciate the clarification.)

"God decided that the child you were carrying would be better off in His loving arms."(Hey God, stay the fuck away from me and my family, you baby-napper! You already have a son, don't you?)

"The bible teaches that only children of believers are deemed holy. Children of two non-believers, that die in the womb, infancy or early childhood are sent to hell." (Wow, that is deep. Your brilliance is one-of-a-kind. Not exactly related to the question of why God allows miscarriages, but deep nonetheless. Let's get together for dinner sometime and chat!)


corinne said...

love your side commentary...especially when you point out the irrelevancy of some of the "explanations". after all...when you don't have an answer, why not change the subject?

Monica L. said...

Well, you know. God, when channeling His voice through bloggers such as these, can say whatever the hell he wants. He is God, after all.

Sharon said...

I found the one about only the Children of believers being considered holy quite disgusting actually. The bible teaches that ALL children are born innocent and free of sin, therefore they are all worthy of holiness. HOW dare that ignorant fool make a statement like that. I am a believer, a fallen believer, a believer battling with my faith but I do not believe that God has deemed by unborn babies unholy. I actually believe that miscarriages have NOTHING to do ith God but are more about the corny expression SHIT HAPPENS. It happens to all of us at some point in ourlives! Sorry, have about a bottle of red wine in so might be rambling. I'm a bit of a rebellios fertility patient at the mo.
Much love!

Viktoria said...

That last commenter makes me want to throw up. You're replies are hilarious as always.

Off topic: Your dog is so cute it hurts. (I almost typed your "pooch is so cute" but didn't want it to be misinterpreted.)

mindse said...

WHAT THE F? I like the portion about dead babies going to hell. Really? That version of God seems kind of hung up on technicalities.

Nora Dalasta said...

Barak 'n' Monica 2008! You've got my vote.
Kick ass kick off to your blog. The night I found out about Zachary's illness, I decided to never have Dominic baptized of the very clear reason your post presents.

julian + jen said...

i'm still reeling from 2 facts:
1) you're a weeknight vegetarian
2) you and kevin are non-believers.

really, i'm not sure which is more important to me.

Monica L. said...

I love Sharon's comment - shit happens! Yes it certainly does. I'm proud to be a part of that shit that happens.