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Monday, July 14, 2008

Down with the Prenatal Diet!

So, technically I suppose I could get KU on this trip, although my gut tells me that won't happen. But since it could maybe happen, I guess I ought to be abstaining from coffee and alcohol, and toting around a gigantic bottle of prenatal vitamins, powdered organic milk (does that exist??), and the dried seaweed that the Korean grocer in my neighborhood gave me for "better blood-flow to the next baby" (so THAT was the problem!).

But I just can't do it, not on my vacation! Like most KuKd Strong Mommas, I did everything right the first two times I was KU, and I still got Knocked Down. So I say: down with the prenatal diet, or at least the pre-KU diet! Now it's my turn to live my life MY way, E for Embrace myself, and revel in my NEW pre-natal diet, Baltic style. It's fairly limited for there just isn't much choice out here in the Estonian countryside: fried potatoes, fried mystery meat that all tastes vaguely like hot dogs, beer, coffee, hunks of non-descript white cheese, and the occasional tomato or cucumber to aid in digestion. And I'm sticking to it until I get back home in four weeks.

Are you listening from up there, little Zachary? Life is short, as you know, so live it up. We didn't get to be together this time, that's for later down the line, but go ahead and enjoy your life up there in Baby Heaven. No time to dwell on the sad part. Splurge on the most expensive cocktails around (sans the alcohol, of course), the $80 Ralph Lauren infant-size polo shirt, the top end baby food made pureed from rare organic truffles and sauteed yams.


Shaz said...

I'm with you Mon! Screw the prenatal/preKu diet! I've been following it for 6 years and its yet to save a baby. I've had more fun in the past 4 months than I have in the past 6 years and its because I'm sticking to my motto. SCREW It! I love red wine and sushi and cheese and as far as I'm aware no French women ever battled infertility because of red wine or Japanese women because of their sushi intake or Swiss women because of their cheese intake.
I spent 6 years in a haze of trying to do everything right and it got me no where and made me miserable.
I agree E is for embrace yourself, life is far too short not to live it to the fullest.
You go girl!

Viktoria said...

"E" for embrace and enjoy. Fried potatoes, meat, and beer; I think I like the Estonian diet. Sign me up.

I had a beer with Joe last night. That's right a whole 12oz of beery goodness all to myself. Gawd! I'm a cheap date.

I'd send you brownies but I don't think they'd make it past customs.


Monica LeMoine said...

Viktoria, I always knew there were some dried green leaf-flakes floating around in those brownies.