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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time for the "E" to Shine

Hello, KuKd Strong Mommas and Inquisitive Guests! Ready for something positive? OK, here we go.

Recall that "E" in H.E.A.L. is for Embrace yourself, the you that you are without little yous running around with poopy diapers and shrill voices. Back in February, during a week or so when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and inconsolably disgusted with my permanent postpartum paunch belly (thanks, little Zachary. You really left your mark.), K and I asked each other what we could do to Embrace. That is, to do something purely for ourselves, something that reflects what we love and value, something that we wouldn't do if we had rugrats to tend to (other than Tebow, our current canine rugrat). Here's what we came up with: since we're both teachers and have our summers off, let's take a five-week trip this year to someplace cool, without any plan. We've both been craving some European time, but thought it best to stay away from the Euro altogether. KuKd has already kicked our asses; we don't need our wimpy U.S. dollars' butts kicked too. So, as a compromise, we decided on Eastern Europe. Just Europe-y enough to be Europe, but - we hope - a bit cheaper.

So off we go, this very night in fact. Glorious "E" for Embrace! Straight to Helsinki via Copenhagen with our folding bikes and camping gear, and bike/bus/train down to Budapest, through the Baltics and Poland. We have no plan or maps or anything in between - our bikes and our gear and ourselves. And Zachary will be with us in the form of this awesome embossed necklace my friend Kristen sent me for Mother's Day (she is one of those totally hoard-able friends that inspired me to make my KuKd strategies "HEAL" instead of "EAL").

I hope this is OK; am I techincally allowed to be this excited, to have this much fun, a mere 10.5 months after the Ultimate Shitty Event? Will the powers that be think ill of me? Forgive me, Zachary sweetheart! Your spirit will live on in the form of...Latvian beer! None of those little Estonian babies will be as cute as you, I swear!

By the way, we are bringing one small laptop because we are slaves to modern technology. I'll be posting once or twice a week here with my trip-inspired KuKd musings, and more detailed accounts of our trip will be at K's travel blog, for those who care to know more:

1 comment:

Shaz said...

Mon,sounds like you two are embarking on a very exciting adventure! Have a FABULOUS time! I don't want to say any of those corny things about holidays and what's supposed to happen on them, just have a great time and focus on yourselves.
Your friend sounds amazing, we could all use more friends like that!
Your apology to Zack brought tears to my eyes. I too have so many friends who have been KuKd and all of them battle with that sentiment. Is it ok to smile, laugh or be happy, will my babies think I love them less or miss them less and the answer to that question is NO. Just because you life continues does not mean that He will cease to exist! His memory will live forever, regardless of if you live a miserable existance or a life of joy! And God know's you deserve the joy!
That's why I've decided to get that tattoo I blogged about. Its my outward sign to the world that although I choose to live a life of joy, I know what sorrow is, my life was transformed by sorrow, and the little souls that passed through it so quickly.
Have a fantastic time.
Big Hug