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Friday, August 15, 2008

One Down, Three to Go!

Greetings, Sprouting Sunflowers!

You may recall that in an earlier post from Budapest, I listed four resolutions to complete upon returning home. One of those was to add some bright orange or yellow to our already overly-painted house. So, yesterday I wasted no time in racing back and forth to the hardware store three times, dropping more cash than K needs to know on paint samples and supplies, and getting to work.

I could have paid extra for the toxin-free paint, which is something responsible Mommies and Knocked Up women might do. But since I am neither, I said screw it and went for the good old fashioned, braincell-killing cheap stuff. This whole messy, expensive endeavor was my idea, not Kevin's, so he stayed out of it.

Before: Green and dark, like a forest filled with depressed trolls.

After: Happy yellow, like a sun-drenched meadow filled with butterflies on Ecstacy!

After I hung up our paintings from Ecuador, I felt so giddy, I momentarily forgot about dead babies!

Tebow helping.


eggorchicken said...

Hey have been reading your blog for a few days now and really enjoying it.

Love the overhaul, makes the room look SO much bigger :)

Can I just say though - it's not natural to have that much energy, lol.

Seriously though, good job!

corinne said...

tebow - pre-shorn! you two need to come over and play with our wii and run through the ballard fountains with tebow (who would love it) and ninja (who will be royally pissed)!

sharonvw said...

Looks stunning!!!

Sara said...

Wow - that makes such a difference!!! I feel happier just looking at those pictures - I can only what the effect must be in person!

Sweetpea said...

Oh, I just love that orange. It's so happy. It does remind me of some places I've stayed at in Ecuador... good times. : ) I want to paint our walls orange too now! (even though I can't since we're renting our apartment)

Monica LeMoine said...

Thanks all for the feedback! Sweetpea, you should do it - pick a wall and paint it orange. u can repaint it white later when you need to.