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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Devastating News

Greetings, Coffee Grounds! You'll want to sit down for this one.

It saddens and embarasses me to report: I caved. It happened fifteen minutes ago. I needed inspiration to write the next chapter of my book, and some energy to get ready for tonight's cocktail party. But that brick on my brain was blocking any sort of motivation to do anything other than sit and stare at the wall. And then, the espresso machine ten steps away started calling my name.

"Monnnnnnnicaaaaaaaaaaa," it said in a deep and womanly voice. Hypnotizing, with undertones of evil, like the witch in Snow White. I ignored it at first. "A double latte...just two little shots...won't hurt you or your uterus. Come here, my pretty!"

And that's all it took. Overcome by primitive urges, my body screaming for a buzz, I succumbed. And here I am now, having savored and downed a tall size double latte with whole milk (organic). As I sit here now, life is suddenly a brighter place, and I'm off to chip away at my book!

Today's chapter draft to be edited: the Yeast versus Bacterial Tribes of Vaginistan. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky.


sharonvw said...

Hey Mon.
Good for your girlie. Like I said, I believe in moderation, so don't beat yourself up!

Sara said...

Another vote for having your coffee here. Certainly caffeine has drawbacks, but giving up a comfort item during stressful times is not a great idea in my mind. Also - I was a stickler for not drinking caffeine during my pregnancy with Salome, and then after she was born she would react to any amount through my breast milk and I had to do without caffeine during the most severely sleep-deprived time in my life. A little exposure prenatally might have done her (and me) a bit of good on that count.

But I should give a disclaimer that I indulge in coffee as a once-in-a-while treat. Dark chocolate is enjoyed almost daily. :-)

Glad you caved - cheers!

Monica LeMoine said...


Monica LeMoine said...
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Belle said...

I've been drinking decaf (90% of the time) for the past 4 months and have actually discovered that there is good decaf out there and I rarely crave caffeine. I never thought I could do it. Of course, I buy organic-free-trade-water-processed-decaf from our local Alterra, roasted within 24-48 hrs of my purchase, and make it as strong as I can in our stove-top espresso maker.

Monica LeMoine said...

Belle -

Wow - that is some dedicated decaf drinking right there! Good for you for curbing your caffeine craving. Yes, I have decaf in the back of my mind as an alternative. It's just that decaf is so...LAME compared to the real thing, that is, if you're still a bona fide addict like me! Someday, somehow.

Viktoria said...

Monica -
I gave up caffine about 4 months before I got pregnant to see if it would get rid of my headaches (I'd been having them for months). I never gave up chocolate btw. While pregnant I had a decaf Americano once a week. Now I have decaf French press almost every day. I drink the good stuff, though maybe not as stringently as Belle; I appreciate her dedication. Anyway I've been amazed by how satisfying a cup of decaf can be. Yes, I used to think decaf was ridiculous, "oh please, have a REAL cup of coffee." Best of luck to you and your love of liquid, black bliss.