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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Assumed

Greetings, Guests and Awesome Ovulation Charters!

Natalie posted something a while back called "Never Assume." I really like this short, meaningful little post. But admittedly, last weekend at Target, I assumed.

There are some things which, if seen in somebody else's shopping cart or in the cashier line ahead of you, make you automatically look up to find out who's buying it. You know, that cart with a baby in the baby part and a mountain of Coca Cola cans, white Wonder bread, boxes of donuts, sugar cereals, and candy bars in the main part (um, didn't these people get the memo on what's healthy?). The lacy red panties - of course it's always a dirty old man named Lester with those in his cart. The Preparation H, the condoms, the diaphram, the douche, the KY Jelly. The prunes (look who's constipated today!).

Well, last weekend at Target, it was a pregnancy test. I looked down innocently and saw it on the conveyor belt in the cashier line - and since I certainly didn't put it there, I knew it had to belong to the customer in front of me. So of course, I had to look up and see who's preggers.

It was a teenage kid - probably about sixteen or seventeen - braces, baggy jeans, a few zits here and there, a baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes, but not low enough to hide the dark circles that were there. He looked tired, or anxious, or both. Hands in pockets, glancing around in kind of a nervous teenage boy kind of way. If I saw him in the aisle looking like that, I might have tagged him as a shoplifter.

And during my three second-long glance at his partially hidden face, down to his toes and back up to his face, I assumed: your baby won't miscarry, or be born still, or die after birth. Your baby is going to come out perfectly, like it or not, so get ready to grow up fast, kiddo.

And boom - there it was. My assumption. I know, isn't that strange? How the heck do I know that prego test was even for him, let alone whether his child will be born healthy and alive? Maybe it was for his brother, or maybe for a high school science experiment. Maybe his friends dared him to buy it. Maybe they were all outside waiting for him to see if he really carried it through. But somehow, I doubted that.

Nope - my assumption was done, and I can't take it back now. It's kids like him - kids who have an almost visible cloud of gloom above their heads as they buy that pregnancy test, already knowing that the result will be, whose babies work out.


sharonvw said...

Mon, don't beat yourself up about that assumption. I believe its yet another one of those KuKd symptoms! I suffer from it to. I can predict with almost 100% accuracy, since getting KuKd, who will fall pregnant, who will have healthy, happy pregnancies and who will deliver beautiful babies.
And the more KuKd you get, the stronger that ability becomes!
I know when others announce pregnancies it will always result in a beautiful bouncing baby, its only when either myself or one of my KuKd friends announce a pregnancy that I know it probably won't end well.

eggorchicken said...

I know what you mean, life can be flipping unfair that way. :(


*~*Lis*~* said...

Like sharonvw said - it's like a sixth sense or something. my first KuKd I had 5 (yes 5, no exaggeration) couple friends who also announced their Ku and were due with in 3 weeks of when i would have, 2 before and 3 after. So now I have 5 constant reminders of my loss.

Monica LeMoine said...

Thanks ladies - so glad you get it! I mean, you try not to assume, but it just happens. Good old Murphy's Law. Those who want it, don't get it, and visa versa.

Natalie said...

Even though I'm the one who posted it..... I can't stop doing it either. Not until someone tells me upfront they're one of us. Otherwise the anger and jealousy just seethes inside, knowing that they will be one of the lucky ones.

Anabelle said...

ps.. for you enjoyment of course