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Saturday, September 13, 2008

There's a Brick on My Brain

Good Afternoon, from your Dull-Minded Sleepyhead KuKd Momma!

Yes, that's me - my first day off the dark elixir, and it's wretchedly horrible. HELP!!! I've only drunk water and green tea today, like a good girl. Anyone who claims that green tea gives any type of energy boost whatsoever is living in la-la land, sorry folks. There's just nothing like the real stuff, the black stuff, the strong stuff.

My drip coffee maker AND my own espresso machine (yes, I'm snobby like that) are RIGHT THERE in the kitchen, ten steps away. It would be so easy for to get up right now, walk over there and brew myself a mug, lifting this heavy fog off my brain and making me feel like a human being again.

But no, I'm giving it a try, this no-caffeine thing, because K and I are now leaning ever-so-slightly more in the direction of trying to get knocked up again. I've seen lots of conflicting studies on the topic of caffeine and fertility, but of course it's the most shockingly bad ones that stick out in my mind. Namely: caffeine coats a woman's ovaries in some kind of anti-pregnancy, pro-miscarriage film of slime and makes us forever infertile and/or prone to becoming a dead baby factory like me.

So I'm trying to go off it for good - it's all or nothing. It's 2:29 my time - counting the minutes before this day of withdrawal is over- and hoping I'll be totally over it in the morning.

By the way, what IS the deal with coffee? Does anyone know if it really affects fertility, or am I going the longest sleepy-headache in vain?

Mamma mia.


*~*Lis*~* said...

no real idea on the fertility aspect - but I know I cut it out cold turkey a few weeks back and sorry to say am still feeling the effects!

Monica LeMoine said...

STILL feeling it after a few weeks?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

By the way - it's 5:04. Offically past the halfway mark on this dismal day.

*~*Lis*~* said...

I quit because I was crabby all the time and realized I was filling up on coffee so I wasn't eating breakfast! I cut it out and feel better because I'm eating. But yes I still have a bit of withdrawals too!

It's almost 8 here and after 3 beers I'm about back to normal :)

Rebecca said...

While there are conflicting findings, its pretty clear from everything I've read that its certinaly not HELPFUL for fertility/pregnancy, and so evidence seems to lean towards cutting it out.

I finally went cold turkey almost 2 years ago - not even caffeinated tea (but ok, I never gave up on caffeinated dark chocolate, but that has lots of iron, so that is GOOD FOR YOU, and I am sticking to that belief). It was hell kicking the beautiful, sweet coffee-with-Bailey's-in-the-morning-habit; I'm sure it wasn't really related, but I got a severe urinary tract infection (which I had never had before) 2 days after quitting caffeine, so not only did I not have my coffee fix, but I was also pissing buckets of blood. Very pleasant.

The 2 events are forever linked in my mind, but I have to say that being caffeine-free is a good feeling. I still love the taste and smell of coffee, and every once in a blue moon I'll have a cup (and then lay awake all night long because I am so freaking sensitive to caffeine now that its completely out of my system), but most mornings all I really want is my tangerine rooibus tea. I drink loose organic tangerine-infused rooibus through an Argentinian mate straw, so the whole ritual of that has replaced the French press coffee rituals. While I still had a miscarriage a year and half after going cold turkey, it is nice not to be addicted to anything anymore, and its really nice not to get those caffeine headaches in the afternoon like I used to if I was traveling and somehow couldn't get to coffee in the morning.

Hang in there and you'll be feeling better (or at least not so crappy!) in a few days...

Katie said...

Wow. That's crazy. I quit caffeine and aspartame to see what it would do 6 months ago and I got KuKd. I wonder if they DO have something to with one another? You'll have to let me know ;)

Tonight though, the caffeine is ON!!!I am working 3rd shift! AHH!!

Monica LeMoine said...

Rebecca, thx for the encouragement. Katie, enjoy that 3rd shift. Blegh!

cori said...

sooo...i'm guessing i should alert tom to not provide that 1 pound of espresso roast after all???

Monica LeMoine said...

OK, I'm confused. Shaz, my friend's friend C, Katie AND Rebecca all quit caffeine and are either facing infertility woes and/or KuKd. What is UP with that!! Maybe I need to go back O coffee. Brew it up, baby!
Cor, maybe I do need that 'spresso roast.

sharonvw said...

Mon, I had a long discussion with my FS about the pro's and con's of caffeine and coffee a few years ago. I quit, I switched to green tea and it made BUGGER all difference. I think the key here is moderation. My FS told me that as long as I didn't drink more than 3 cups a day I should be fine. I dunnu, I've been on this path for 6 years now, and let me tell you, cutting out Sushi, Coffee, Alcohol, Ciggies etc etc etc has NOT made ANY difference to my fertility. I really believe that moderation is the key! SO have a cup of coffee, if you love it, have it, just control it that's all. Hell - we're KuKd for crying in a bucket, we should be allow some small pleasures. I now enjoy all of the above, aside from the ciggies, haven't smoked in 3 years!! Yay me!

eggorchicken said...

Hey Monica!

I have to agree with Shaz here - if you love it that much then have it! As long as you can stick with 2/3 cups per day I honestly believe it'll be fine. If of course you're having 10 cups per day then maybe you're looking at something that could be affecting your fertility!

Good luck if you decide to stick with it though! :)


Monica LeMoine said...

Thank you, Shaz and Eggorchick! I, um, gave up and had a coffee. Thanks for convincing me that I'm not a wretched person for doing so! m

Rebecca said...

I agree - drink a cup of coffee and don't feel guilty. Its not really what is creating our fertility problems; I just wanted to get rid of the addiction, and I needed to go cold turkey to do that. But a cup of coffee or an espresso a day is not going to make any difference - sadly, because wouldn't the world be a better place if that was all that we had to overcome the KuKd experience??

Monica LeMoine said...

Yes, that would be SO nice. Although admittedly, I sometimes create these fictitious solutions in my mind - and quitting coffee is one of them.

Sara said...

another vote for having your coffee here. Certainly caffeine has drawbacks, but giving up a comfort item during stressful times is not a great idea in my mind. Also - I was a stickler for not drinking caffeine during my pregnancy with Salome, and then after she was born she would react to any amount through my breast milk and I had to do without caffeine during the most severely sleep-deprived time in my life. A little exposure prenatally might have done her (and me) a bit of good on that count.

But I should give a disclaimer that I indulge in coffee as a once-in-a-while treat. Dark chocolate is enjoyed almost daily. :-)

Glad you caved - cheers!

Paul C. said...
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