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Saturday, October 11, 2008

KuKd Word of the Week: GOOGLINATE

Greetings, KuKd Strong Mommas and Curious Readers!

Thank God that official KuKd symptoms include "inability to concentrate, comprehend, or remember." That gives me a medical excuse for all the GOOGLINATING I've been spending the last few years of my life doing.

(Googlination, Googlinator, Googlinatory): Google + procrastinate. Excellent for avoiding grading essays, doing house chores, and calling your mother.

I'm always curious to know what other embarassing things other googlinators out there are googlinating. Here are some of my strange recent googlination searches, either on Google Image or regular old Google:

-"sugar cookies" (I use Google Image to look at the pictures and drool)

-"Brittany Spears bald" (to make myself feel normal)

-"reasons for fetal heart calcification" (just in case somebody discovered something since the last time I checked, two days ago)

-"preventing fetal heart calcification" (same reason as above)

-"coffee and fetal heart calcification" (to see if I'm a murderer)

-"health benefits of coffee" (to make myself feel like a good person)

-"seattle home values" (to see how screwed we are)

-"Monica LeMoine" (to see what I'm up to)

-"Palin SNL" (no explanation needed)

-"election polls" (just need to know is who's going to win!)

-"cupcakes" (another droolworthy Google Image search)

I'm sure there are others I'm missing. Anyone else?


*~*Lis*~* said...

Great word!!!

I love Google and it's even better now that it pre-fills the search for you. I wanted to check out "black and white baby pictures" for my bathroom and ended up spending the whole day looking at pictures of black and white twins - who knew!

Michelle said...

Oh, I got some:

1. reasons for miscarriage (just in case we might have missed something the 4 times I have been through this and like you in case they discovered something new since the other day)

2. endometreosis (just because I thought maybe I could have it. Not that I have any symptoms or anything, just because I am crazy enough to think of more problems I could have that no one has discovered)

3. aneurysms (my hubby had a headache and I am paranoid since they run in his family)

4.Google maps (street level, because I wanted to see where I live. I don't know maybe while I was passed out sick, we moved or something)

5. I'm bored (Once I found out I and my husband were going to live for the moment and that I was not having a miscarriage, lets forget that I am not even pregnant, I got bored.)

6. Funny animal pictures and videos (because they just make me smile)

Monica LeMoine said...

Michelle, regarding #2 - I TOTALLY think I have endometriosis, and need to add that to my list. I can't believe I forgot that one. That, and "ovarian cancer symptoms."

Regarding your #5, I'm confused - are you saying you literally google the phrase "I'm bored?"

Regarding your #4 - ha ha ha! Yup, it certainly could happen, the whole up-and-move-away-while-sleeping thing.

Michelle said...

Yes...totally googled I am bored and came up with some interesting websites to visit. There is some crazy stuff there.

cori said...

i google food items all of the time in search of recipes. most recently...chocolate chip coconut almond cookies :P

*~*Lis*~* said...

Oh me too! I once googled "I'm bored online" and found some cool stuff also!

sharonvw said...

Sometimes I think Google, Googlination, Goglinator and Googlinatory are my worst enemey's, all they do is raise more questions than help me find answers!

Monica LeMoine said...

SO TRUE, Shaz! All they give us is more questions. Google is the cause of Cancernoia, that much I'im sure of.

Viktoria said...

I spend WAY too much time with Google. Examples: antigone lost blog,, cerise de terre, damien lewis, excema, free samaurai dingbats, grief counceling, halloween cupcakes, itxaro pronounce, julie and julia charlotte, kaolin, lobster thermidor, mempo. Okay that's half the alphabet - I'll stop now.

Monica LeMoine said...

LOBSTER THERMIDOR? Holy cow, that is so old school. That's smthg my grandma would make. She died of a heart attack, not surprisingly.