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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lumps of Images

Greetings, KuKd Strong Mommas and Inquisitive Guests!

I know, you're like: WTF is that a picture of?!? This is not what you bargained for when you innocently popped over to Knocked Up, Knocked Down for a visit, expecting to see some hot pumpkin azzz.

Let me enlighten you: it's a diagram that supposedly explains what an "image schema" is, the kind of diagram I was forced to look at from time to time as a graduate student in linguistics. The kind of diagram you study for five minutes, realize you still don't get it, look away and think about what lobster thermidore might taste like, look back at the diagram again for another minute, then close your book and go get a tall latte, a bag of salted pita chips, and a copy of OK! Magazine.

Even after finally getting my MA degree, I still don't totally understand what an image schema is, but I THINK it means something like this: the picture - or lump of images - that you think of when you hear a certain word or phrase. Like, for example, SCHOOL: you might picture a book. A desk. A chalkboard. Or maybe an old maid-ish teacher in a tight bun and glasses with thin pursed lips, with a paper airplane hitting her pointy nose.

Here are a few of my current schema.

Barack and Michelle Obama:

John and Cindy McCain:

Miscarriage and Stillbirth:


sharonvw said...

Mon, your mind is twisted and I LOVE it! Hahaha, I love the images of John & Cindy McCain!

janis said...

You just made me laugh. Nope, you just made me cry. Maybe I snickered a little bit too.

jillkitchen said...

So that's what grad school is all about! I'd be good at the buying lattes part.

FYI, I think I saw that Cindy McCain lookalike in your schema on a beach in Mexico. Her skin was like orange leather.

Monica LeMoine said...

SHAZ: Ah, my twisted mind - it's the coffee and the KuKd that does it. I know, John and Cindy are freakin' HOT, aren't they!

JANIS: Be careful when attempting all three of those things at the same time.

JILL: Glad you appreciate my graduate school story. Yes, incomprehensible diagrams and lattes. That IS what it's all about.

Michelle said...

I needed that laugh!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comments. I am definitely going to try those things. I have a girls night planned but unfortunately not until next week.