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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I Wish I Liked, But Don't

1) Quinoa.
You know, that stuff we all know is pronounced kwin-OH-uh. Again, I know I should like it since it's versatile, packed with protein and all that good stuff - but to me it tastes kind of like Tebow's anal gland scent. Also, I don't care for the way it looks - like little curled up sperm.

2) Broccoli.
Does anyone really like broccoli? I mean, honestly love the taste of it? Or do people just train themselves to like it? I've heard it's full of microscopic bugs, have you? I know I should like it because I'm a grown up now, but I honestly just don't. I eat it occasionally because it's healthy and green - and only if I can find the pre-washed, pre-sliced stuff in the bag at Trader Joe's. Definitely not into buying the whole dang head of broccoli and getting little green dots of broccoli matter all over the counter and floor. Blegh.

3) Other people's older children at cocktail parties.
It's not about KuKd or anything; I've always been this way. Anytime I go to a supposedly adult event and people bring their kids(you know, the kind who are old enough to recognize the ef-word when they hear it), all of a sudden the whole conversation has to be censored. It becomes about the kids, and not about the adults - and to me that takes away the fun. Is it just me, or did people used to actually hire these things called BABYSITTERS, and then go out to adult parties on their own? I distinctly remember my own parents doing that all the time - hiring a sitter and heading out do to whatever. Makes me wonder if babysitters exist anymore. If they don't, then I'm definitely glad I don't have kids.

4) Eat, Pray, Love.
Everyone loves this book. I'm not crazy about it, but I know I really should like it, because everyone else likes it. Maybe that's precisely why I don't like it.

5)Potatoes in my Indian food.
I got this from K, actually, and I think he's onto something. Potatoes seem like cheap filler, and when you're paying eleven bucks or whatever for palak paneer, I want the real stuff - the cheese and the spinach and that's it. No potatoes thrown in for good measure.

6) Going to Unitarian Church.
Every once in a while, I decide to be religious. And if you just want to dip your toe into some organized spirituality without going full force, Unitarianism is the way to go, it seems. So I drag K to a service once a year or so, but somehow, it's never as thrilling as I've convinced K it will be, so we inevitably duck out early and pay a morning visit to the Krispy Kreme Donut God instead.

7) Museums.
Anytime I visit a new foreign city, I make it a point to avoid museums. It finally dawned on me at the Louvre one day that I really can't stand museums - I only THOUGHT I liked them because Let's Go told me I did. Museums are filled with dark corners where flashers might be lurking, hoards of kids on field trips, and sedentary objects that don't mean a whole lot to me. I'm actually happier wandering around without a map, searching for good lemon tarts and people-watching in parks.


Michelle said...

I pretty much agree on everything here except I have never read the book eat, pray, love and never been to a unitarian church. The museum thing for me totally depends on the kind of museum. I am not big on the art museums but I like science stuff. Totally with you on the Broccoli, the smell of it makes me want to throw up.

anabelle1122 said...

hahaha nice I do actually like broccoli... i put spray butter on it and parmesan cheese.. mmmmm lol

and I love museums... but that's my inner art geek talking :)

*~*Lis*~* said...

I guess I'm not much of a grown up because I had to google Quinoa :) on the other hand I actually love broccoli - yum! Raw cooked steamed whatever I love it! Although I hadn't heard it's full of bugs, thanks for that tidbit! And the only museums I go to are the fun ones - like the museum of science in boston and the children's museum in portsmouth.

Sara said...

With you on Quinoa, Unitarian (or any other) church, and some museums. I mostly breeze through museums. But Salome has given me a new appreciation for the Natural History Museum/Air & Space Museum/American Indian Museum - we love hanging out at those. We just drop in for a taste - never try to take it all in at once.

Have to say I love broccoli, love potatoes in pretty much anything, and am guilty of taking my child along to parties. Babysitters exist, but I have no idea how to find one - I've relied on generous friends & swaps with other moms so far - all the same people who would tend to be at any party I'm invited to, so I guess I'm figuring on their love of my child to carry them past the inappropriateness of her presence! I don't expect folks to censor their language around her though - would that make things more palatable for you? Seriously though, it probably is high time I tackled that babysitter issue. . .

Monica LeMoine said...

Wow, I didn't know I was such a minority in the broccoli-hater camp! Ah well, at least Michelle agrees with me.

LIS: Yes, I had to look up quinoa too. Don't we all.

SARA: Your baby girl is a cutie petootie, so that doesn't count. Besides, she probably doesn't know the ef-word yet (does she??)

Anabelle - mmm. butter and parm. I like that. But honestly now, should a vegetable be good without those added fatty yummers to yum it up? I mean, take those little grape tomatos for instance. Those can be eaten raw, right out of the container without any added flavor enhancers.

cori said...

i love broccoli...but only when it's not overcooked. and actually don't like it with butter or cheese, just plain please. don't care if it has tiny bugs in it...i imagine most of what we eat does...unless it's been sprayed to high heaven with pesticides (i don't think most bugs cause the big C, so i don't mind them in comparison). i don't know what quinoa is and haven't looked it up. i do like most museums. don't care so much about kids at parties as most of my friends' kids are pretty cool and it doesn't happen that often. though i'm with ya on the churchie action...unitarian or otherwise. i do like going to really old churches to appreciate the architecture, but not for the religious services per se.

and what about really good french cheese...that probably smell's like tebow's anal glands... ;)

Sara said...

Ahem. . . she's been known to swear once in a while. . . [blush] she does NOT know what it means. She went through a phase whenever she dropped something (thanks Aron!) - so we brainstormed about words she could replace the ef-word with, she proposed "waterfall" - so that's what she says now. :-)

Kristen said...

Hey Mon,

This is totally unrelated to this post, but I thought it was pretty neat that there was an article about miscarriage in the NYT.

I haven't read Eat, Pray, Love either -- it can't possibly live up to the hype. But I do like museums. :-) And quinoa for breakfast with cinnamon and dried cranberries and brown sugar and milk is delicious. mmmmm

Monica LeMoine said...

Boy, I really feel cultured for knowing what "quinoa" is.

Kristen - thx for the link -will check it out!

Cori - glad you're with me on the church thing. Let's cross church off our social to-do list.

Monica LeMoine said...

Oh, and ANABELLE - I'm sorry, did you say SPRAY butter? I read that again and it almost made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Viktoria said...

Okay Monica, you've go lots of food stuff on here so you knew I couldn't keep quiet.
1. Quinoa is not so bad but like tofu it is in desperate need of FLAVOR. Try cooking it in chicken stock with curry powder. I've never liked the look of it either but it can be tasty.
2. I used to eat lots of broccoli but but now it's ho-hum; I've converted to Gai Lan, Chinese Broccoli which is wonderful and usually cheaper. It's almost all stalk and barely any blossoms. If you aren't convinced order a plate next time you're in a Chinese restaurant.
3. Depends on the party and the kid, but I totally get your point. I know several couples who will not leave their kid with anyone ever and I don't think this is healthy for the kid or the parents. They need to learn that they'll be okay with a friend and mommy and daddy always come home.
4. Ugh! I just can't get myself to go near anything even slightly self help. Oh know this says volumes about my mental state, but there it is.
5. For me it's a problem of double starch - potatoes with rice? Um, no! On the other hand it is authentic especially considering there aren't many people in India who don't need "filler".
6. I grew up going to a UU Fellowship and loved it. Nowadays I have no interest in organized whatever, but the UU are still pretty cool in my book. Their version of Sunday school is Religious education and they teach about the similarities of all religions.
7. Love 'em. Especially the big boring art ones that most people hate. :)

Monica LeMoine said...


1) I'm with you on the double starch. It's like Qdoba filling their burritos with rice. I hardly think so.

2) It's amazing what cooking things in chicken broth can do to an otherwise boring food. Although actually, last night I made mushroom pilaf, cooking in chicken broth, and it was TOTALLY underwhelming and bland. It was one of those dishes that makes me go, THAT'S why I'm not a full-on vegetarian. I mean, not that it was vegetarian, but imagine how much even duller it would be without that chicken broth.

3) I still can't get out of my head that you googlinate "lobster thermidor." That is so old-school rad!