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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And a Few More Title Suggestions...

Greetings, Quinoa Googlers and Eaters...

First of all, VOTE! There, just had to get that off my chest.

Second, a few more title suggestions for our up and coming literary mag for KuKd/TTC readers/writers. K honestly liked "Penis + Vagina = Baby, And Other Lies" one best. I know, can you believe it! Please vote on your favorites below. I won't tell you want they mean or the rationale behind them. My attitude is, if you can't figure that out, then it's probably not a good name.

Without a Rubber (...Does Not = Baby, And Other Lies)


Knocked Down

Unprotected Sex

Spare Bedroom

Baby Shadows

Almost There

Empty Oven

Grabbing Air

Not a Babymama

Almost Up the Duff

Imaginary Motherhood

Almost Motherly

Sort of Maternal

Whole Milk


BLOWL said...

I vote for Baby Shadows

Anabelle said...

Spare Bedroom

It made me feel sad... in a good way.

Monica LeMoine said...

ANABELLE: Spare Bedroom makes me feel sad too, in a goodish way.

BLOWL: (by the way, you know that blog-o-name of yours kind of looks like "blow job," right? Just checking). Thanks for your vote!

Michelle said...

Out of this list I like Baby Shadows but I still like Serendipity or Exhale the best.

Viktoria said...

I like Knocked. It works for KuKd and those Kd while trying to get Ku. Being a baker Empty Oven makes me really sad. I really liked Exhale because somedays it still feels like I've been holding my breathe for 10 months, but a google search shows it's popular for a lot of things. Imaginary Mother is probably the most accurate but I also realy like Not a Babymama because it shows we still have a sense of humor. oxoxoxo V

eggorchicken said...

Out of that list I like Spare Bedroom and Almost There the most. Spare Bedroom is poignant but Almost There is positive :)

What about "The Waiting Room" ?
Huh? Huh? Geddit? It's a waiting room (like a spare bedroom) but also a Waiting WOMB....

Altogether now .. ahhhhhhhhhh! ;)


Monica LeMoine said...

Wow - so much to reply to! THANKS all for such awesome input on this important issue!

EGGOR: "Waiting Womb" sounds like Elmor Fudd saying "waiting room."

VIK: Empty Oven is sad, I concur. About Exhale's prevalence, dang! We might have to steal it anyway.

MICHELLE: Yes, Serendipity and Exhale seem to be the clear winners at this point. The blue states, if you will.

jillkitchen said...

Hey there. Every time I look at these posts, Exhale stands out the most among all of the great title suggestions. Serendipity is the name of a film and a chain of stores (in England), so that might get more confusing. - J

Rebecca said...

I still like Exhale, but do agree that it is wildly popular (by the way, it is also the name of a telephone counseling service for women who have had abortions - so relevant for different sides of the fertility dillema).

I also like Baby Shadows and Almost There (which can have so many connotations). I may be alone in this, but I don't like the references to motherhood like Imaginary Mother. I need to explore this more (perhaps in the first issue??), but I don't like the whole thing of defining women with children in terms of motherhood, and I don't think of myself as trying to become a mommy.

Finally, Spare Bedroom doesn't work for new yorkers who have no spare bedroom and are planning on putting a baby in a spare drawer... (I'm KIDDING - we wouldn't actually put it IN the drawer, just on the nightstand where there is room!)

Monica LeMoine said...

Jill: Yes - now that you mention it - I think I remember seeing a Serendipity store name in London once while I was traipsing through that smog-filled city that made my snot turn black.

Rebecca: brilliant, insightful feedback. Now you're talkin'. Exhale seems wildly popular but I think we can use it anyway. I love your comments on the Imaginary Motherhood issue - yes, so many angles on how we define women with/without kids. Spare Bedroom, I think has a cool ring to it, but you're right - would exclude peole like you, who live crammed inside of dark $3000-a-month shoeboxes in New York City. I love New York, by the way, and could do the shoebox living in exchange for living in that most amazing city on earth.

WELL...I think it might be Exhale then. Working on it now.

BLOWL said...

lol!!! Yeah, I know....sadly those are my initials. My maiden initials BLO. My married name initials BLOWL. Yup, i'm in for tons of teasing..... =)

Monica LeMoine said...

Blowjob, er- um- I mean, BLOWL: OK good, glad you're aware. I think it's a fine name worth keeping. I just thought you should know. Likewise, I fully expect K to tell me if there's a booger visible in my nose.