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Monday, November 17, 2008

Microsoft Wacked

Greetings KuKd strong Mommas and Inquisitive Guest!

If you use Microsoft Word a lot, you're probably familiar with "overtype mode" and "symbols." My question is, what in god's name is the point of these two wacked features? Just to make word processing more cumbersome and confusing than it already is?

Let's start with overtype mode. That's where anytime you go back in your text and want to insert additional words or letters, it automatically types over the old text, erasing it completely. That's just wacked, Mr. Microsoft. Why the hell would anyone EVER want to just type right over something they typed before, making it vanish altogether? Am I missing something here? Is there some greater, biblical purpose served by overtype mode? If I wanted my text gone, wouldn't I just delete it on my own? And even more wacked is how easily one can accidentally get stuck in this wretched overtype mode! I finally figured out it's caused by inadvertently hitting the "insert" key. GAWD.

Moving on to "symbols," which appears in the drop-down menu under "insert." Every so often, I click with great optimism on "symbols," hoping to find what I actually need: something normal like a check mark, a small box, a copyright sign. You know, earthling symbols that regular people use on a daily basis. Instead, I invariably end up with panel filled with what resemble some kind of alien letters beamed down from Mars, called everything from webdings to wingbats to kit kats to unicode hex. What the heck ARE these things? And why are you giving me the option to choose different fonts, different subsets, different something-code hexes, Mr. Microsoft, when all I want is a simple checkmark?

That's wacked!


*~*Lis*~* said...

totally agree with you! I hated word - which is why I love my MAC. Well now that I don't work anyway, MAC's not so great at spreadsheets and what-not, but way cool on the fun stuff!

Oh and the only way I could ever figure out a checkmark was to type abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and then keep changing it from webdings to wingbats to dingbats until something that resembled a checkmark appeared!

B said...

lol! you're comments are dead on!

Michelle said...

Wow I learned something new. I knew I hated Word. It always seemed to switch to the "overtype" mode which I never understood what I was doing wrong and I agree, I do not understand why on earth this would be an option. Thank you for filling me in on why it switches on me.

Monica LeMoine said...

LIS: Are you serious???? All that for a freaking check mark? Goodness. Well, as much as I've heard about MACS, I'm still afraid of them. Something new and different. Maybe someday I'll branch out and give it a try.

B: Thank you, I try.

MICHELLE: Wow, who knew this would turn into a computer lesson! By the way, to undo overtype mode, just hit "insert" again. You probably knew that already though.

Viktoria said...

Overtype is evil, no doubt, but I get a lot of use out of Symbols. *shrug* I work for engineers and they love their symbols. The best idea is to create shortcut keys for the few symbols you use and then you don't have to search for what you want each time.