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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exhale is On!

Greetings, Literature Buffs!

The December-January issue of Exhale has been launched - my best coffee-fueled achievement of the morning, second only to watering the perpetually dying palm plant in the living room. Go on over and check it out! Here are just a few of the highlights:

Monica Crumback crank out babies, but wrestles with what to say when her best friend can't. How cool to hear that perspective, for once!

Shawna Strohm fears imminent divorce when she catches her husband "wacking off" in the shower a mere twenty hours before a sperm-analysis appointment. Busted!

Pamela Jeanne
has "decided" to go child free, but only after years and years of unsuccessful infertility treatments (if you could call it a "choice" in the first place).

Cindy "Murgdan" C. is sick and tired of those week-by-week descriptions and pictures of what's happening to a developing fetus, so she's fighting back with her own version: the same type of deal, but for infertility. Imagine that.

Sharon van Wyke writes about her experiences with Left Behind Syndrome - the sensation of being the lone infertile tree left rooted in the ground while gusting winds of pregnant women blow past you. Can't you just totally picture all these pregnant women cartwheeling through the air?

Okay, back to work. Happy reading!


Rebecca said...

Excellent first edition! Just read it "cover to cover" (is that possible online?), and enjoyed every article, and related to far too many of them!

Congrats - and thanks - for pulling this together, Monica!

jen said...

ok...rebecca - didn't i tell you to go sit on the couch and close your computer? i just got done reading it and was going to post a "cover-to-cover" comment. damn you for beating me to it.

beautiful work from everyone. thank you to monica for acting as editor. i'm looking forward to reading future editions and am grateful for those that are willing to show a window into their lives and pain.

wait, did that sound too cheesy?

Monica LeMoine said...

Yes, Jen - that sounded cheesy, but we'll forgive you.

Rebecca - already?? Dang, girl. You'd better start pacing yourself for the next issue.

Viktoria said...

Well done, Monica and all the contributors. I enjoyed reading every article. Thank you!

Side note: "pregnant women cartwheeling through the air" makes me picture the begining of Mary Poppins when all the other nannies get blown away on the wind, and only Andrew (the dog in his sweater) is left standing on the door step.

sharonvw said...

Great job Mon! I'm enjoying the reading!

m said...

Wow. I too was going to leave a "cove to cover" comment but see I've been beaten to the punch. What I get for sleeping in far too late. This is a great collection of work - some columnists I know well, others I was happy to discover. Nicely done.

Cara's piece on her "recreated soul" touched me deeply this morning.

Infertility Warrior said...

Exhale - perfect description of the "hold your breath til you find the holy grail of a baby" I am so happy to have found women who get that the journey of infertility is important too, not just the resolution. Yeah!!!

Monica LeMoine said...

Thank you, ladies, for the encouraging words!

Michelle said...

Wonderful job Monica! I read the whole thing and it is just FANTASTIC!!!!

jillkitchen said...

Congratulations! Excellent job. You must be so proud.

Forgot to mention - a friend of mine just posted a great article on HipMama. Thought I'd share it with you: