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Friday, January 9, 2009

I Resolve To...

Hello, Mommas and Guests!

Happy 2009! I realized I haven't done an official "New Year Post." New Years is actually my absolute least favorite holiday. For me, it's always been under-whelming. Lots and lots of build-up, with huge expectations for the greatest party EVer, and then it never turns out to be the greatest party ever. This New Years, I have to say, was the most fun I've had at any New Years celebration in years. Nothing fancy - just a simple house party with good friends and family, whiskey shots, a pot of chili, and lots of beer.

New Year's resolutions are, in my mind, just as bogus as New Year's itself. Why do we need something like a change in year in order to alter our behaviors for the better? And what are the odds of actually keeping those so-called promises that we make?

Still, I make them from time to time, just for kicks. This time, I'm serious.

I resolve to:

1) Make more of a concerted effort to help keep the house clean. Kevin usually does most of the dirty work, while I'll pitch in with washing a dish or two. Yesterday, I started making good on my resolution by cleaning up Tebow's vomit on the living room, and not even asking for recognition.

2) Stop spending so much time on the computer. I know it's hard when I'm working on a book, blog, and literary magazine - but still. I think I can do it if I set some boundaries. Like, wrapping this post up in five minutes and making myself a latte instead.

3) Try to get K as addicted to coffee as I am, so that I don't feel like such a bad and weak person. I'm the one that got him into morning coffee, a fact of which I am rightfully proud. Next is to make him a hardcore afternoon drinker like me - a REAL bean head. What would you call that, dragging someone down to your level of addiction? It's kind of like ANGST-I-GATING but not quite. Maybe, addict-stigating?

4) Come to terms, somehow, with the fact that I might not ever have a baby, and be okay with that. I think I could come to terms with it. I'm just not sure my mother could. I'll keep working on her, though. Getting a dog has helped; she certainly spoils her "favorite granddog" (her only granddog, actually) - hence the fact that our vet just told us Tebow is two pounds overweight. Which is a lot for a small dog. Gak! My kid is the fat kid!

5) Get my "pelvic witch" checked out, which I'm doing in a month or so. You know, the mysterious entity clamping down on my uterus with a metal vice, even as I sit here and write. Soon, very soon, a tiny camera-thingy will go into my belly button and down there in the dark depths of my womanhood to search for the witch herself. And nothing is found, then I'm hallucinating, which will really make me depressed.

6) Make it a point to swab my face with witch hazel for clear skin every day, not just some days.

7) Stop being the obnoxious, overprotective, overemotional, over-personifying puppy mother. Really, I know I'm over-the-top. I know I think my dog is the best, and I hear myself groveling for compliments about him. reminder to self: HE'S A DOG.

8) And finally: make it a point to facilitate more father-daughter activities with my dad. He's not the type to switch into social-organizing mode often, so it's got to be me that does it. I'm going to try to do it more often.

There are more, but I won't bore you with the rest.

And off we go, into 2009!


cori said...

did the new dog food make tebow barf? or, is he self-conscious about his weight and hence has become bulemic?

sorry, now i'm being the enabler...instigating the desolution of two of your resolutions in one go...duo-desolution?? (obsessing about the dog & spending time on the computer)

good luck with it all, my friend! xo

Cara said...

Witchhazel, huh? I don't need overpriced bottles of stuff sold by home-based reps?

Good to know. Thanks for resolutions this year.

Michelle said...

That sounds like a really good set of resolutions. Good Luck and I hope you can keep them. I'm never good at resolutions. :)

Monica LeMoine said...

Cori - good point. Maybe he is bulemic. Can that happen to dogs?

Cara - yes, witchhazel. Great for preventing break-outs if you apply it regularly.

Michelle - yes, I'll try. No guarantees.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Good list! You can have coffee over here ANY time! Its smell *alone* is worth making it. BTW: I discovered a whole bunch of inexpensive skin projects that are making my skin super soft and healthy. Found that L'oreal has some great stuff.

sharonvw said...

Good luck with keeping those resolutions. I don't made any because it feels like I just set myself up for failure each time.

'Murgdan' said...

Sounds like you have some great resolutions up your sleeve for the new year.

Oh, and... dog goes to day care...

'nuff said.

Austen said...

I have the same problem remembering to use my witch hazel every night. AND, I really like affirmation when I clean things up...not sure I am ready to resolve that away yet. ;) Happy new year!

Monica LeMoine said...

Pamela- thx for sharing my addiction.

Shaz - yes, setting myself up for failure - if I can achieve at least one of these, I'm happy.

Murgdan - doggy daycare. I did manage to give that up. $$ better spent on coffee.

Austen - I know! That little bottle of witch hazel is so hidden and hard to find!

Viktoria said...

Good list of resolutions, Monica. And in regards to #5 - just because they don't find something doesn't mean you're hallucinating. Modern medical science is amazing but they don't know everything; so don't assume you're crazy just because they haven't invented the right test yet.

I have two resolutions this year and one is already done.
1. Put Persephone's ashes to rest in a beautiful spot. J and I did that Saturday up the gorge at Wahkeena falls.
2. Finally get to my one and only resolution for 2008 which was to reconnect with old friends. But life fell apart 01/06/08 and I just couldn't bring myself to say "hi, been missing you, my life sucks." LOL

Glad you had a fun New Year's Eve - it's always been my least fav holiday too. oxoxoxox

Monica LeMoine said...

Viktoria: Yes - connecting with old friends. I need to add that one too. SO HARD sometimes, but so important!

Kristen said...

That was my resolution last year -- to reconnect with old friends. I broke it down into something that I managed to actually accomplish. I promised myself that every week I would catch up with one friend on the phone. At first it felt like it was going to take forever to get through the list if I was just making 1 call a week. But after several months I realized I was MUCH more in touch with people by doing the one-person-a-week thing than I would have if I had just "tried to be in touch." I'm hoping to keep that going this year -- it was great last year!