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Friday, January 2, 2009

Nun Bowling, Strong Drinks, and Other Kidfree Joys

Greetings KuKd Strong Mommas and Inquisitive Guests!

Christmas for me wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Just lots of family time in Phoenix, walking around outside in the sun with arms and legs exposed, in hopes of sucking up some much-needed, Vitamin-D-pushing, cancer-preventing rays of sun. What was out of the ordinary - (or I should say, IS ordinary) - is that I was in a state of kidlessness.

Which makes this the perfect time to boast:

look what i did without a kid!

Chicklet, Pamela, and Michelle, and Shaz: as a non-tagging type, I tag you to do the same.

Let me start with one of the holiday highlights, certainly not something I could have done with a screaming toddler running around picking up random objects off the floor and eating them:


The rules were simple: two people played five frames, the loser of each frame having to drink a specified number of LARGE mouthfuls of beer. And not just any old beer, but 7.5% alcohol beer from a "Winter Brew Selection" that someone got us for Christmas (those Europeans know how to make beer, let me tell you!). I won't go into the mathematical formula for determining how many swigs of beer the loser had to chug - it's complicated and involves way too much algebra for my pre-coffee morning brain. But suffice it to say it was enough for me to get over-excited when I beat K's brother B, and over-disappointed when I subsequently lost to both of them.

Tebow the Baby Substitute got into the holiday spirit too:

And of course, there was further, very unmotherly booze consumption under the twinkly lights:

And, rewinding back to before we left for Arizona, the All-Girls Wine & Cookie Festival. If you've never done it, you totally should. There's nothing like the conversation that emerges when you get a group of estrogen factories together with lots of wine, sugar cookies and frosting. If you look closely enough, you'll find the one I made for ma' man.

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Anabelle said...

I miss having fun lol

Although, Rowan doesn't eat things off the floor anymore... She does call me a douche bag on occasion... does that count for anything??

(Note to self, stop calling the dog a douche bag)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Nun Bowling? And I thought I knew all the drinking games! I'm going to look into this immediately ;-)

Thanks for the tag, Monica! Delighted to put it into action ... after I'm done with some actual chores, which I've left until my last day of vacay, because I've been too busy doing, yes, kid-free stuff.

Michelle said...

ROFLMAO That made me crack up! Nun bowling...that sounds like fun!

DH = dear hubby

Thanks for the tag I will think of something and post soon.

'Murgdan' said...

Oh I am SO jealous of your Christmas. I had no cookies. But wine I did have...and a bit too much.

Monica LeMoine said...

Anabelle: douche bag? did you teach her that word?

Pamela: good- looking forward to reading about your fave kidfree moment. Yes, check out nun bowling.

Michelle: thanks for the translation. Now, what's ROLFMAO?? God, I'm out of it.

Murgdan: that's okay, the nuns would be proud of your wine consumption. Catholics don't mind. They like it, actually.

sharonvw said...

Hahahahaha! I LOVE the Nun bowling, thats excellent. The cookies and wine party sounds fantastic too!

chicklet said...

This is brilliant, and I actually appreciate the tag this time round cuz I had no idea what the hell to write about but felt like a post was overdue:-)

I need to get me some of them nuns though - those are very very cool.

jillkitchen said...

Nunbowling has to be the funniest drinking game I have heard of in a long, long time. And you are an excellent cookie decorating artist.

I have a quick question for you - how do you add the copyright bit at the bottom of your blog? Couldn't seem to figure it out on mine.

Monica LeMoine said...

Hmm - I'm not sure about the copy right thing. I think I just clicked "add HTML code" and added a footer at the bottom, but let me go in there and check.

jillkitchen said...

Hey Monica - I wound up going with a Creative Commons license. It's free and it protects your work - thought you might be interested.
I put mine at the bottom of my page.