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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Greetings, Guests and Mommas!

First, thanks for the great Knocked Down Hunk pics so far (see previous post) - keep'em coming! SOOO many cuties out there. We've got a lovely one of a man fixing a pipe underneath the kitchen sink. Now, if that's not hot, I don't know what is. Our Knocked Down Hunk gallery will be coming soon, and I'll be glowing with pride when it happens.

OK, I've been admittedly so busy going nuts with blog design that I forgot: on yeah! I'm actually supposed to POST on this blog! So here I go, posting again. It's a busy, relatively stable time these days. Thinking about babies, not thinking about babies. Thinking about my babies, not thinking about them. Wishing for a baby, not wishing for a baby. People are pregnant. Happy about it, weird about it.

There's just no way to define a knocked down momma.

I thought I'd do a vocabulary round-up to show off a year's worth of made-up words. These will go into our official Knocktionary. This is like, the lamest glossary EVER, because:

1) there really aren't that many words. When I say "a year's worth," it sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. Words come up once every few months or so, that's it. Don't worry, this list will grow. Linguistic revolutions take time.

2) It's not in alphabetical order. Truthfully, I'm at the tavern with Kevin on my second glass of white zinfandel right now, and simply haven't the mental stamina or wherewithal (god, does anyone except old ladies actually use that word anymore?) to alphabetize. If anybody feels like alphabetizing, let me know and we can work out a deal.

Oh, Kevin is sitting here beside me, beer in hand, and says "hi."

And now, the words:

Cancernoia - irrational fear of getting (and dying!) from cancer. Related to documented "fear of personal extinction" stemming from miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

BOGS - acronym-ish acronym standing for Books, Grief Counselors, and Social Workers (oh my!). You know: the smart people who tell you what to do, how to act, and how to feel. They know best, so you'd better do what they say. Otherwise, they might write "FAILED GRIEVING 101" in red ink in your permanent file.

Googlinate (Googlination, Googlinator, Googlinatory): Google + procrastinate. Excellent for avoiding grading essays, doing house chores, and calling your mother.

Halluci-knock: Hallucinate + knocked. The act of being completely convinced that one is knocked up, even though one isn't. Halluciknock (v), halluciknocktion (n), halluciknocktional (adj

: Instigator of angst. That is, a person who tries to drag you down to their own level of sadness/dejectedness/anger, possibly in a subconscious attempt to make themselves feel better. Otherwise known as a gloomy groupie, a joy blocker, depresstigagor, a sadness starter (angstigational, angstigationatory, angstigate, angstigationally).

Melanrageous - The feeling that you feel when you're around happy pregnant women, and/or happy women with cherub-cheeked infants in tow. As coined by Pamela: "the combination of melancholgy, rage and nauseous -- not at them per se, but at the unfairness of why some women are denied the opportunity for the same joy."

The Ughlies - Another term, this one coined by Heather, for that feeling when you are around happy pregnant women or happy women with cherub-cheeked infants in tow.

Dirthday - Birth + Death. Same thing as stillbirth, basically. "Happy Dirthday, Zach."


sharonvw said...

Loving the new look!

angie said...

holy crap, a dictionary where all the words basically apply to me! i had no idea how much i actually needed words for all these things, and yet, i totally do. thanks!

Michelle said...

I am loving the new blog design! and I love the list.

Brenna said...

Oh yeah! I saw the Knocktionary coming with the lovely redesign, and I was psyched. This is great!

Still need to find the right picture of my hunk to submit, but I've been having a ton of fun coming up with the 3-sentence description to go with it.

Monica LeMoine said...

Angie- you're welcome. Now be sure to write these down in your vocabulary notebook and practice these words frequently with your friends.

Monica LeMoine said...

Brenna: looking forward to your hunk of hunk.

m said...

angstigator - yes! Where was this word last night when I was trying to describe some folks I encountered last week. Newsflash: just because I don't lose my shit in a public place when you mention my babies over and over and OVER again and pry to get more details of the events leading up to their birth (really?? WTF??) does NOT mean I am not grieving. Fucker.

I would love to submit a photo of my (very private, very shy) hubby, but I think he would kill me. Working on it...

Heather said...

I'm so honored to be a part of your bizaar world! LOL! I'll take it!

Angstigator, that's priceless. That's my MOTHER!! I didn't realize there was a word for that...other than the obvious one! LOL!

My DH would kill me...but I'm working on his photo too!

Inanna said...

"i had no idea how much i actually needed words for all these things, and yet, i totally do."

Yeah. Me, too. That sucks :(

Bottoms Off said...

Your blog is totally pimped. I am impressed!!!

AnnaMarie said...

hallucin-knock! Too funny! I've needed a word for that experience

Chris said...

Brilliant list. Have a happy friday..