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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Quick Things

1) Everyone start taking flattering pictures of your Knocked Down Baby-Daddy! That is: the male whose penis participated in the production of the sperm which participated in the production of a cell/ovum/zygote/embryo/fetus/baby that was eventually blighted/miscarried/stillborn. Or, if YOU are a Knocked Down Baby-Daddy and you're reading this, start taking sexy pictures of yourself, or ask your Knocked Down Baby-Momma counterpart to do so. I'll tell you why in my next post.

2) Bacon makes everything taste better. I mean that in all seriousness.

3) How can a small Westie-poodle mix have such enormous bowel movements? Just wondering.


sharonvw said...

Hahaha! I agree about the bacon. And I'm pondering your question on large dog bowel movements because we have the same problem!
I've nominated you for a sisterhood award on my blog.

jillkitchen said...

Bacon really does make everything taste better. Almost everything, anyway. Have you tried bacon chocolate? I've seen it in gourmet stores but I'm too afraid to try it.

As for the bowel movements, I feel the same way about my little baby cat who evacuates more than a human.

Inanna said...

I'm waiting for the reason for the first post... but getting out my camera... *grin*

leahjane8 said...

You've been nominated for the Sisterhood Award at

Kristen said...

Should I warn Kevin that we might be seeing a little bit *more* of him on this blog? ;-)

Frau said...

Sorry to be picky but the penis doesn't make the sperm. :)

cori said...

last weekend i split a bacon maple bar with my rockstar cum knocked-down daddy (who also happens to be getting progressively tanned and ripped due to all of the manual labor he's been doing lately). now, that was hot! wish i'd thought to snap a photo ;)