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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Abundant Bible Madness

Greetings, KuKd Strong Mommas/Daddas and Inquisitive Guests!

See this link?

See it? It's the link to this blog, right? Right? Isn't it? Well, click on it to find out for sure. Go ahead, do it and see where it takes you. DON'T GET SUCKED IN, THOUGH! I expect you to return here right away, so that I can finish my story! You're MY FRIEND, not theirs! Got it?

Okay. Did you click on it?

And, I mean, wasn't it fucking WEIRD?

(Let's see who's really smart! Anyone who can tell me the difference between that website address and MY blog address gets two smart points!)

So, this morning I went over there and clicked on the "Contact Us" form. I just couldn't help myself. Here is exactly what I wrote, copied and pasted:

Greetings, Abundant Bible!

My name is Monica, and I am founder of the stillbirth and miscarriage blog, Knocked-Up-Knocked-Down, which lives at the URL

Several of my astute readers have recently brought it to my attention that if you accidentally type "blogpsot" instead of "blogspot" when trying to visit my blog,
you arrive here instead:,
which is THIS site - Abundant Bible! Isn't that amazing? What a serendipitous and perplexing discovery, a puzzling phenomenon!

I simply couldn't help but write to you and ask you how and why this occurs - if you have any insight on that. Is it simply sheer coincidence? Or is it intentional? If intentional, what compelled you to make one of your URL addresses? Or was it I, perhaps, who somehow - acting subconsciously through the will of God, naming MY blog after YOU? Was it my destiny, maybe?

I did take the liberty of perusing your site for a few minutes, just to see if there WAS - in fact - any connection (even a tenuous one) between Abundant Bible and my blog content, so that I could perhaps steer my readers to your highly informative website. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything on your site regarding pregnancy or pregnacy loss (other than abortion), at least not that I could tell. Is there something here that I might be missing, something that could be useful to me or my blog readers? If so, please do let me know! Even something on medical termination might be related - that is, abortion when done for medical purposes.

(I did read up on the "Drinking, Swearing, and Drugs" section, but mostly for myself, since I am certainly guilty of the first two. And the drugs, if Claritin counts. There was a bit of Mary Jane, but that was when I was young and stupid. My readers aren't the types to drink or swear, and would never go near mind-altering substances, so I won't bother referring them to that section. Thank you though - I do feel enlightened after reading it.)

ANYWAY, going back to the original purpose of this message, please let me know if you have any thoughts on wny our URL addresses are so uncannily similar. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Peace and Sunshine,
Monica L., Founder/EditorKnocked Up, Knocked Down

After clicking "Submit," I was instantly swept over to a screen that said this:

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for contacting us. We enjoy hearing from our visitors, but regret that we may not be able to reply, though we try to read all correspondence. The Bible says in Mt 9:37,38-THE HARVEST TRULY IS PLENTEOUS, BUT THE LABOURERS ARE FEW. PRAY YE THEREFORE THE LORD OF THE HARVEST, THAT HE WILL SEND FORTH LABOURERS INTO HIS HARVEST. We apologize—we do not have enough helpers to be able to respond to most emails.

If you have repented and asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior as a result of this
website, please tell us and ask for the free booklet to help you get started in the right direction. To do this, we will need your postal address. For those looking for additional information on Bible prophecy, we recommend

The Bible Desk Staff
OK, I'll admit I was mildly disappointed to learn that I might not get a response AT ALL. Who knew that there were so many people contacting Abundant Bible! At least they promise to *try* to read my message, and provided what seems like a valid excuse for not always being able to reply. Nobody is going to argue with Mt 9:37,38. Certainly not me, anyway. (I was thinking, though, if somebody DID ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior as a result of that website, and they requested their free booklet to get them started, it would kind of suck to be ignored altogether. I think I would feel cheated somehow, and be like, where the fuck is my booklet!)

I'll keep you posted on whether I ever hear back. Don't cross your fingers, though.


Natalie said...

*chokes on her glass of water while reading your email* Oh I just love you thismuch.

Wanna Bee said...

wow, way creepy - maybe they'll send you a free bible with highlighted hints on pregnancy!

sharonvw said...

That is too weird for words!!! And clearly I'm not very smart because I couldn't see the difference till you pointed it out!

Barbara said... gets you to the same page. *a few typed addresses later* Wow. Any blog address with this spelling mistake gets you there... even

Holy crap (literally) This, I feel, is a rather sneaky way of ambushing bad typists and/or dyslexics into religion.

Maybe we should all send them an email.

verification word; butscon.

AnnaMarie said...

Monica, this is too f-ing funny! Sorry you URL is being ripped off though.

"My readers aren't the types to drink or swear, and would never go near mind-altering substances, so I won't bother referring them to that section."
Thank you for having so much faith in your readers/lying for us!

Michelle said...

LOL That is crazy! Why would they use that address? It seems that it has nothing to do with the Bible. I would definitely be curious if the write back.

I so could not tell the difference. I was very confused until you stated what it was.

the misfit said...

I'd heard of the concept of hostile URL purchase before, but they're usually corporate or anti-corporate activist - this one is just WEIRD. And, I've certainly been accused of being a member of the religious right (Catholic, of course, and Jesus-Christ-is-your-personal-Lord-and-Savior is a Protestant trademark), and I just can't fathom why they'd target your site. Strange.

(If you have intellectual property rights to your blog content, you *may* have some legal recourse, though I'm not an IP attorney. I'm not suggesting you sue, of course, but if you consult with Google, Esq., and think you have a basis, you could wait a week and mention legal action in the next email and see whether they have time to respond to that.)

Nickel Pickle said...

That is fucking weird...

p.s. New reader & fellow kukd mom.((hugs))

wifey said...

I've stumbled upon that site before. Strange how a religious website can make me feel like I've entered to seventh circle of hell.

Reba said...

well...i can't say i'm surprised...

nothing IS pretty much the response i would expect from a website made by people who firmly believe in a supreme being who has never directly answered any form of inquiry...

another kukd mom, recent reader

Brenna said...

Oh my gosh. I cracked up reading your post, and then Barbara's reply: "this, I feel, is a rather sneaky way of ambushing bad typists and/or dyslexics into religion" is priceless. Hee! Maybe with Abundant Bible my spelling would improve.

Hope852 said...

Hi Monica

I just tried typing in my own blogspot address - spelled wrong (blogPSot) and it also takes me there - at least you haven't been singled out

Heather said...

Mine too!

And I thought the difference was the www. part. And I was all impressed that I was going to get 2 points. More dashed hopes! :)

Lani said...

omg, that is freakin' hilarious. love your letter and that totally sucks that no one over there will end up reading it.

i think that is soooo weird about the url. there has to be something to that.

Anonymous said...

If I type my own blogspot URL with the inverted letters it also takes me to this place. Yucky, creepy Christians, these.

And by the way I don't think that about all Christians, just the icky ones.

Another Dreamer said...

Whoa, that is crazy.

Emily said...

OK, that's a little FREAKY! Weirdos...

Karen said...

How strange. But I haven't laughed so hard in a *long* time - your email to them is brilliant. Oh, it felt good to laugh. Have you heard back????????