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Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the Reigning Champion Is...


Everybody reach toward the computer screen and give Snowdude a congratulatory stroke on the lovely, morning-shadow-sandpapery cheek! As the first place winner of our prestigious debut gallery of Knocked Down Hunks, he deserves it.

It was a riveting race up until the very end! With earlier doubts about his hunky stamina squashed (drug tests during training showed no measurable quantity of hunk steroid Real Bean in his blood), Snowdude started off strong and hopeful. As his wife cheered him on from the sideline, he scored a slew of votes within minutes of taking off from the starting line. But despite this momentum, victory wasn't quite in reach - not with opponents Sleepyhead and Scout lapping hunkily and hungrily at his heels. Alas, Snowdude pulled in enough votes close to the finish line to keep him in the lead, clocking in at first place!


To view the runners up and all nominees for this gallery, or to submit your own hunk for Gallery #2 by the June 15th deadline, visit the Hunk Gallery.


Sarah said...

Hi, Monica.

First of all, I've been reading through your archives. My personal "life" archives include 8 miscarriages(YEAH!) and subsequent blissful happiness found with my daughter through adoption.

Second, I love your spirit, your spunk, and your honesty. Can't wait for that book. Lord knows the quality books on kukd are few and far between.

Third, what is the warm color yellow you painted the formerly green troll room? I've been looking for that exact shade of paint happiness.

I can't figure out how to email you, so apologies for the comment.


Monica LeMoine said...

Sarah: First and second, thank you for your comments and encouragement. I'm glad I've tricked you into thinking that my caffeine-induced insanity is actually "spunk" - my job is done, then. ;-) I'm terribly, yuckily sorry for your 8 (!!!!!translate: holy fucking shit!!!!) miscarriages, and please to hear you've found happiness through adoption. Third, hmmmm...I don't recall the exact warm color yellow, but let me dig around downstairs and see if I can find the top of the painting tin for that. Glad you appreciate it. Peace out!

Brenna said...

How did I miss this celebratory posting?! Well done, Snowdude (an appropriate nickname given that we do have a few little snowdudes on ice...). Thanks Monica, this was great--we all need some fun distraction, and what better distraction is there than an entire GALLERY of knocked down hunkiness? I can't wait to root on a new Hunk d'jour (or Hunk d'mois).