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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Hunks are Up!

Good Morning, Caffeinators!

I'm heading to our not-very-exciting state capitol today to sit at a table with a bunch of people in suits and talk about our college education system. Then I'm coming home to continue working diligently on tracks 2-3 of the KuKd Folk Series...coming very soon.

If you didn't just fall backwards out of your chair from pure envy, check out Knocked-Down Hunk Gallery #2 and vote for your fave! Next hunk-submission deadline is September 1st.


Me said...

Hmm...this vodka tastes funny.

ce said...

hi wish i found you in 2005 when i had my stillborn daughter. your site is so much closer to my style than so many i have found!

Q for ADBM:
How do I completely avoid all baby showers? Especially when they are at my workplace? I know for a fact I break down at baby showers so do not need to find out twice.

Monica LeMoine said...

ME: First, your code name is ridiculous, but okay. Yes, that vodka tastes suspiciously like...brie cheese rind.

CE: I'll be sure to pass that question along to Dead Baby Momma.

Cara said...

Dang!Missed this round. Getting shots of DH isn't the easies thing ever!!!

Ahhh- but now I can sit back, relax, and really judge the field!!

Brenna said...

Not to knock my sweet snowdude's victory or anything, but MAN--I'm glad I submitted him last month! This month's crop of hotties is even (gasp--is it possible?!) hotter than the last!!! How is a girl supposed to chose?! I really think we need to be allowed a vote a day...'cause I could get behind quite a few of this month's contenders.

Monica LeMoine said...

yes, we have quite the hot selection this time. Hotty McHottness looks so good I want to jump through the computer screen and gobble him up. And you can tell him I said that, too.

*~*Lis*~* said...

Wow - glad I missed the deadline because now I won't feel guilty not voting for my own hubby!

yummy selection this month!