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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Not Really Here, But...

Hello, Ice Cream Cake Enthusiasts:

I'm out of the web-o-sphere through early next week due to being sequestered for a week in the Allegheny "Mountains" of Pennsylvania (well, except for right now, as I managed to drag Kevin to bed-and-breakfast in rural Maryland for a single evening), so I apologize for slacking in the blog-visiting and blog-updating department. More on this later. A few deets in the meantime:

1) Riding a bike and pulling a 50-lb. trailer for 50 miles a day = my ass feels like a Ichiro tried to spank me with a baseball bat all night.

2) Kevin and I ate unheated Chef Boy-R-Dee beef ravioli straight from a can last night. First time I've eaten that since I was about 12. Goddamn, that stuff is good.

3) Today I broke out in a mysterious rash on my back that stings whenever anything comes into contact with it. As a result, I have to ride with my blue tank top cinched up around my boobs and tied into a knot (not pretty), feeling like a pasty flabby white-trash Confederate-flag-toting biker as I ride along. OH - and I'm wearing a fanny pack around my waste, too. Classy! Goes great with the belly folds.

4) A lot of people have Confederate flags on display around here. Weird. Isn't 1800s? Aren't there better causes to join, more relevant and current things to wave flags for?

5) Kevin and I jumped in a river, swam around, and then had good tent-sex last night. I think some 12-year-old boys from the next campsite over - plus a couple of groundhogs nesting nearby - might have been eavesdropping, but I didn't care. They'll never see me again, the little rascals. That was before I got the rash this morning. Blegh.

6) Oh, and today is...what...the 18th? Today or tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of Zachary's dirth. Not sure what to do with that information inside my mind, except look up at the big black star-filled sky from my campsite, listen to wind rustling in the trees, squeeze Kevin's hand because we're both thinking the same thing, and remember. Sadly, fondly, with wonderment of what's comprised our shared history.

And gratefully - grateful for what we do have, and for how quiet and huge the earth is around us. Bigger than ourselves, bigger than we'll ever be - just like pregnancy and birth and death and everything else made by nature.

That's all the deep thoughts I can dredge up for now - "see" you next week. Time to go see if I can score some more sympathy points from Kevin for this dang rash! OH - and I had MEATLOAF for dinner tonight! At a restaurant! It was like canned ravioli times 20 on the scale of culinary delight.

Over and out.


Kristen said...

Glad your trip is going well -- we've been thinking about you riding in this sudden heat wave we've gotten. Do you think you've got heat stroke on your back?

We miss you guys already! Next time you have to stay longer!!

We'll be sending you good thoughts tomorrow. Two years seems so long ago in so many ways and yet like yesterday in many others.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you are having a great time...well besides a horrible rash,,,and the fanny pack,LOL.

Sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts on Zachery's dirth day.

Karen said...

I hope that you don't have poison ivy or poison oak. Yipes. Or haven't suddenly developed an allergy to tinned ravioli.... Thinking of you and your husband and Zachary on the second anniversary of his dirth. (((hugs))) from BC.

Tina said...

I think the rash might be from the raviolis out of the can. I think heating them up kills all the "stuff" brewing inside!! :)
Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. I hope the stars twinkle at you when you look up to your sweet Zachary tomorrow. xx

The Unproductive One said...

You know if I was even slightly that way inclinded (which I'm not, not that there's anything wrong with it) I could turn lesbo for you LMAO

Your posts always make me smile and laugh out loud, like belly laugh out loud, Kevin is one lucky man, you must brighten his life so much.

Now that I've got that weird comment out of my mind and onto the screen....

YAY - to doing things you haven't done since you were 12!

YAY - to them still tasting as good as when you last did them when you were 12!

BOO - to you for even one minute thinking you could be classed as flabby or have belly folds! I saw your nekkid pics missy, you got one fine bod on you!

YAY - to tent sex!

BOO - to weird mysterious rashes, makes me wonder what you and Kevin got up to while you were having tent sex!

MIXED EMOTIONS - on Zachary's dirth...nothing I say will help nor do him justice, so I shall just stay silent in reflection about him and let you remember in peace.


Mirne said...

It's the 19th here already -- thinking of you and Zachary.

Shaz said...

Ok, so I'm a little late, but its the 19th today, its the dreaded dirthaversary! I'm thinking of you. I know regardless that its got to hurt!
Have a great time!

AnnaMarie said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip and outdoorsy culinary deliciousness!

3) Whatever, I've seen nekkid photos of you and just don't believe you look that bad. Luckily the fanny pack will keep you from stopping traffic.

6) "look up at the big black star-filled sky from my campsite, listen to wind rustling in the trees, squeeze Kevin's hand because we're both thinking the same thing, and remember" That sounds nice. Thinking of all of you on Zachary's dirth day.

m said...

Jealous! And inspired to plan a little impromptu camping/hiking outing sooner rather than later. Enjoy PA!

Pundelina said...

2 years.


Enjoy your time away and I hope the rash goes quickly.

Wanna Bee said...

Good times, good food . . . 8/18 this year was the "due date" for my Blobby Baby. And it was the last night of our classes to become foster/adoptive parents. Now I will add Zachary's dirth to the meaning of this date. Sometimes I hate having a good mind for dates, but drink as i might those brain cells won't die. Whattaya gonna do? Happy Vacation - love the ice cream cake!

KuKd Chick said...

Thanks peeps, for the good thoughts and well wishes regarding the rash. I'm at a weird pizza joint in Frostburg, MD that serves pizza slices WITH onion rings and fries. WTF??

Yeah, I forgot to mention that Kevin rubbed ravioli all over my backside and licked it off - just a weird sexual fetish we've discovered lately. Definitely what caused the rash, now that I think of it. I took pictures of the rash itself, just to gross everybody out. Coming soon to a blog near you!

jillkitchen said...

It's so weird, I just read about someone else eating cold ravioli out of a can. Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver. Marvelous book, if you haven't read it. This is my second read.

Thinking of you, and how much you rock. Your words, your sense of humor, the way you create community, and your ice cream cake skills! Oh, and I'm meeting Pavel for a drink tonight! I'll try to get pics.

Bibliomama said...

What a brave, funny, amazing blog. I'm sorry. And bravo.